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Welcome to our Everything Fiesta page

Every village in the area has their own fiesta dates and special traditions which are enjoyed by the locals and visitors alike every year. The opportunity of experiencing the celebrations at a local fiesta should be high on your wish list as the Spanish people really know how to party.

In Hondon de los Frailes there are five such fiesta’s/carnivals taking place each year, most of them are to celebrate religious saints or important events in the church calendar as you will see below.

Fiesta in Honour of San Antonio

 The weekend closest to January 17.

A pilgrimage runs through the streets of Frailes and the subsequent blessing of the animals in front of the parish church.

Fiesta Grand Parade 2022

A big Thank you to our local cameraman Jan van Droffelaar from Hondon Valley Home TV for filming the event. Jan has been producing videos of the Fiesta for many years now, which are available on YouTube - see below

Jan has a large selection of videos on his YouTube channel associated with the Hondon Valley - Click here to see more

To Watch just click the video of your Choice

Fiesta 2013

Fiesta 2014

Fiesta 2015

The Fiesta in Hondon de los Frailes only happens with the organisers and participants working very Hard - Thank you All

Sunday Evening Event - Parade of the Virgin de la Salud 2022

This event takes place every year on the Sunday evening during the Fiesta period.

This video was filmed by a visitor to Frailes using his phone.

Bert Kamphuis who like Jan is Dutch and managed to film this fantastic video while standing in the audience watching the event for the first time.

Last Day Monday Event - Water Festival 2014

There is a very valid reason for not having a recent video of this event.

This video was filmed in 2014 by Jan van Droffelaar from Hondon Valley Home TV and would not be repeated.

Water, foam and video cameras should not be sharing the same environment as Jan found out on the day in 2014.

A lovely way of staying cool, great fun for all the family - Just dress for getting Wet!

Monday Morning Event - Giant Paella

Cooked outside for all to Share

Tickets are available from the

Town Hall prior to the event

If you have not tried one of the

 traditional Valencia

Dishes then this is a great way to Start

Dates for the next Grand Fiesta in Hondon de los Frailes 2023

Thursday August 24th to Monday 28th