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Av/Enrique Pastor, 18 Hondon de los Frailes

Alicante 03689

Telephone: (+34) 638 845 121



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38.273758, -0.92750400



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With more than 500 kilometres of coastline, the Region of Valencia has a large number of beaches awarded with the European blue flag, which makes it the top autonomous region for number of beaches with a blue flag per square kilometre in Spain.

No wonder - The variety and quality of the beaches and the coastline in the Region of Valencia are a relevant place in the Mediterranean area. Its beaches and coves are world widely recognized for their natural beauty, good services and the possibility to enjoy them at any time of the year, thanks to a sunny climate almost all year round.

We have selected some remarkable beaches which are all close to Hondon de los Frailes and present the ideal places for the family both young and old. The available range of services supplied at these beaches are very impressive considering their rustic appeal and natural beauty has been carefully preserved.

Beach 1 - El Pinet - formed of fine, golden sand, it extends nearly 2 kilometres

In the south of the municipal district of Elche, on an impressive strip of dunes, one finds the beach known as El Pinet, with a vast pine forest that has a natural extension to the south of the coast of Guardamar del Segura, and to the north, in the Nature Reserve of las Salinas (the salt marshes) of Santa Pola.ó

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38.148973, -0.63112100

Total Distance 42 kilometres

Travel Time 46 minutes

Beach 2 & 3 - Marina de las Dunas - Guardamar Beach Promenade

We have linked together beaches 2 and 3 due to their actually one continuous beach. At one end you have the Marina which gives you access to a very beautiful rustic natural beach complete with sand dunes. At the other end you have the Guardamar del Segura grand promenade which is the total opposite to rustic due to it’s location as the central Guardamar Playa.

Guardamar del Segura has 11-kilometre’s of stunning coastline with blue flag status thus you will always find space somewhere on the beach to place your towel.

If you are a lover of beach walking then the 4km walk from one end to the other will give you plenty to admire, experience the beauty of the local pine forest park landscape.

Marina Dunas in the foreground and Guardamar central playa in the far distance, inset the beginning of the sand dunes and beach.

Guardamar Beach Promenade

Guardamar Marina de las Dunas

Guardamar Beach Promenade

Our short video of the marina and beach will give you an idea of the rustic area around the sand dunes. The marina provides the only services for your use here so please come equipped with all you need, especially water in the hot months.

The marina provides plenty of parking space and the small cafe/bar shown in the video provides snacks and drinks with adjacent toilet block. The Restaurante Club Nautica at the marina entrance provides inside and outside fine dining.

As the most central of all the beaches in Guardamar it is also one of the most fully equipped, with safe access for those of limited mobility, four lifeguard lookout points, foot showers, a beach bar, sunshades for hire, a Red Cross hut and children’s play areas on the sand. All of these facilities and the daily beach cleaning have earned the Playa Central the coveted Blue Flag award for quality services.

Parking can be a problem during high season as the available parking is on the adjacent roads with parking meters so take some change with you.

Travel to Guardamar Beach Promenade

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38.086204, -0.64725500

Total Distance 42.1 kilometres

Travel Time 45 minutes

Travel to Marina de los Dunas

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38.109705, -0.64681000

Total Distance 41.9 kilometres

Travel Time 45 minutes

We hope this page has been helpful if you are thinking of spending anytime in Hondon de los Frailes, when researching to put this page together realisation struck just how lucky we are to live daily in a rural environment but have these fantastic beaches just 45 minutes away. Online - Hondon de los Frailes & Hondon de las Nieves

If you would like to view and use the iberoguide online then please click on their Logo opposite.

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